Active programme: Yoga and guided hikes near Merano – South Tyrol

Always on the move

Up to the summit and back down into the valley. Off to new places and new adventures. While you are accompanied by our qualified hiking guides on the pursuit of the peaks and get an alpine rush, our yoga teacher will introduce you to the secrets of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Move the way you like it best.

Hike to the alp
Kneipp therapy
Yoga in the garden
Yoga in nature
Work out

Hiking in the best company

Would you like to actively explore the Merano region? Our experienced guides will take you on guided hikes through the beautiful natural landscape of South Tyrol and tell you interesting facts about the region around Merano. Whether you’re a summiteer or a leisure hiker, our activity programme has the right tour for every interest and level of difficulty.

Hiking trails
Forest bathing
Herb hike
Yoga Übungen
Yoga at stachelbergs
Yoga. The art of standing still in the midst of movement.
Yoga under a tree

In the flow

Breathing techniques (pranayama), posture (asana), meditation (dhyana), deep relaxation (sharvasana) and nutrition are the five pillars on which Hatha yoga is based. Gentle yoga positions allow the body and mind to immerse themselves in a world of intense relaxation, making Hatha yoga particularly suitable for beginners

In addition to Hatha yoga, our yoga teacher also practises Vinyasa, a dynamic yoga style in which, unlike Hatha yoga, the yoga positions are only held briefly and change with each breath. Ideal for those who wants to burn off energy during yoga.