Massages & beauty in your hotel near Merano – South Tyrol

Feeling good comes from within

… because when the soul is happy, our guests also shine. Soothing South Tyrolean massages, relaxing baths and the odd manicure have often help. Could that be why our guests are so happy? Find out for yourself…

Entspannen und Verwöhnen lassen
Bouquet of flowers colourful

In the best hands

Peoples from long ago knew about the effects of various treatments that are still used today to harmonise body and mind. Stimulating massages help to release blockages and induce relaxation, while high-quality essential oils create a pleasant atmosphere.

Our massages
Partial body massage

Depending on your preference, legs, back or the shoulder/neck area are treated with classic massage techniques to relieve tension and loosen the muscles.
approx. 25 minutes 

Full body massage

Loosening and relaxing full body massage with gentle or strong pressure, depending on your needs. Your individual treatment focus is specifically addressed.
approx. 50 minutes  

Foot zone pressure massage

The feet reflect the organs of our body. These are treated using targeted thumb and finger pressure to release tension and blockages in the body.
approx. 25 minutes 
approx. 50 minutes 

Combination massage

A combination of classic back massage or head and neck massage and stimulating foot zone pressure massage.
approx. 50 minutes  

Aroma oil massage

You will be pampered with gentle strokes and sumptuous warm oil of your choice. The result is a particularly deep relaxation and is beneficial for body and soul.
approx. 50 minutes 

Individual massage

We personalise this treatment individually to your wishes and needs. The massage is as unique as you are.
approx. 50 minutes 

Sports massage legs & back

Sports massage is a complement to classic massage. Tailored to your individual needs, additional supplementary techniques are applied and special areas that cause problems during sport are also taken into account.
approx. 50 minutes 

Vertebral balance massage

This massage gives specific impulses to the musculoskeletal system through targeted mobilisation and thus leads to a gentle correction of the spine, neck, pelvis and joints.
approx. 50 minutes 

Intensive back massage

This massage intensively treats the entire back. Through targeted massage movements and moving the tissue layers using cupping glasses, the muscles are deeply loosened and relaxed. We use pure St. John’s Wort oil.
approx. 50 minutes 

Honey massage

Using special massage techniques, pure honey is massaged deep into the connective tissue of the back, which loosens and removes toxins from the body. You then reach a level of deep relaxation with a back and leg massage. The honey massage has a powerful detoxifying and immune-boosting effect.
approx. 50 minutes 

Alkaline peeling – detox treatment

During the full-body cupping massage, the body is stimulated by a gentle vacuum massage to free itself of acids, toxins, waste products and congestion. A peeling with alkaline salt and nourishing oil stimulates the blood circulation, trains the fascias, treats cellulite and gives the skin a new, soft appearance.
approx. 75 minutes 

Relax with a back massage
Massage oils

Beauty & More

South Tyrolean hay bath

Stimulates blood circulation, relaxes and purifies, strengthens the immune system and combats fatigue, stress and tension.
approx. 35 minutes 

Alkaline bath

Soothing alkaline bath, promotes the maintenance of healthy skin, has a relaxing effect and helps detoxification.
approx. 35 minutes 

Rose bath

Rose water, rose essential oil and rose petal extracts give this flower bath the surprising versatility of the rose. The harmonising bath is balm for your soul.
approx. 35 minutes

Soothing baths
Oil treatments
Rose petals


Body peeling with Himalayan salt and oil

The gentle peeling effect removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin smooth, fresh and receptive.
approx. 25 minutes 

Grape seed oil peeling

Ground grape seeds, mixed with grape seed oil and high-quality active ingredients, exfoliate and nourish your skin leaving it wonderfully soft and fresh.
approx. 25 minutes 

Facial treatments

Freshen up your face – short & effective facial treatment

Treat yourself to a short but effective facial treatment with cleansing, hyaluronic serum and facial massage.
approx. 25 minutes 

Freshening facial care

Relax with a moisturising care ritual with warm, soothing compresses and a relaxing facial massage and intensive mask.
approx. 50 minutes
Eyebrow shaping
approx. 20 minutes 
Eyebrow colouring
approx. 20 minutes 
Eyebrow shaping & colouring
approx. 25 minutes 
Eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping & colouring
approx. 40 minutes 

Manicure & pedicure

Pampering programme for hands and nails with hand massage

with polish
approx. 50 minutes 

without polish
approx. 40 minutes

Express manicure (nail shaping and care)
approx. 25 minutes  

Treatment with a relaxing foot bath and foot massage

with polish
approx. 50 minutes 

without polish
approx. 40 minutes

Wellness & Beauty
Wellness area counter
Relax in the garden of the wellness area
Shower in the wellness area
Entrance to the wellness area

Massage and beauty appointments can be booked directly at our reception or by telephone before your arrival.
Our masseuse is in the house three times a week (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays), and there is often high demand.