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Our café with lounge bar near Merano – Hotel das stachelburg

Wine is bottled poetry

It is probably one of the most famous numbers of all, the magic seven. There are seven wonders of the world, seven days of the week, the rainbow shines with seven colours and the number is also a regular feature in fairy tales. The magical seven can also be marvelled at in the snow below the Cima de Tel in Parcines. You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with our bar. Well, the reason for this is a universally popular aperitif from Parcines, which was named after the extraordinary natural spectacle at the Cima de Tel. The “Siemr”, which is seven in the local Parcines dialect, is a fruity drink made from blueberry, apple and mint. Although you can also drink it straight, we recommend that you try the “Pro Siemr”, which is a “Siemr” refined with prosecco. You will love it – we promise!

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Drinks im Garten

Cups and glasses full of joy

In addition to the “Pro Siemr”, there are of course many other things that will put a smile on your face at our bar and lounge in Parcines, where you will be spoilt from morning to night* with aromatic coffees, modern cocktails, the finest spirits and outstanding wines (some from our own vineyard). Who can resist …
*Opening times: daily from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

There’s always time for some coffee …
Tassen und Gläser voller Glück
There’s always time for some coffee …
… or a glass of wine.
Hauseigene Weine
Mehr als nur ein guter Tropfen

More than just a drink

There is a special fascination, a true love story hidden behind the walls of our own Loacherhof winery. According to the Spanish artist Salvador Dali, “He who knows how to taste wine does not drink wine but savours secrets”. What stories do our wine bottles contain? Find out for yourself…

Terrasse - stachelburg

The essence of South Tyrol

The Loacherhof vineyards, which proudly produce Pinot Noir, stretch out into the rolling hills of Plars di Sopra. Just a few kilometres away, on the slopes of the charming village of Tel, the Sauvignon and Goldmuskateller grape varieties thrive. The knowledge of the art of wine growing is passed down from generation to generation at the Loacherhof, so that experience and innovation merge to create wines of exceptional quality.

Viticulture out of conviction

Our wine philosophy is based on respect for nature and the environment in which we live. Sustainability and regionality are of great importance to us in order to preserve the uniqueness of our Merano wines and at the same time fulfil our responsibility to the environment. Our own-brand wines are produced with the utmost care and passion so as to give you an unforgettable wine experience. Immerse yourself in the world of South Tyrol’s blossoming vines and discover the unmistakable taste of our wines …