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LIFE IN BALANCE at Partschins Waterfall

A good balance between stress and recreation, exertion and relaxation, exercise load and recuperation is essential for our health. Based on this scientifically proven insight, this special day at Partschins Waterfall is designed especially to achieve harmony and balance:

Morning (approx. 2.5 hrs) Abseiling by the waterfall

In the morning we go with our mountain guide, Michael*, to Partschins Falls. This thrilling abseiling session along the 100 m high face of the waterfall will help to overcome fears and mobilise hitherto unexpected strengths. Surpass yourself and discover new self-confidence for everyday life during this exciting experience.

*Michael Tschöll is a professional mountain and skiing guide, member of the South Tyrolean Mountain and Skiing Guide Association and the regional trade association and is thus internationally recognised. He knows the South Tyrolean mountains like the back of his hand and has a distinct preference for “his” mountains in the Texel Group Nature Park, and the Sarntal, Ötztal and Stubaier Alps. He is always excellently well informed about routes, the weather, snow conditions and refuge huts, and, with his quiet and patient manner, is able to teach adults and children alike how to conduct themselves correctly on the crags, in the mountains and by the waterfall. His motto is “on the right mountain at the right time”.

Lunch break (approx. 1.5 hrs) Menu Balance

At lunchtime you will enjoy a balanced meal especially created for this day by the Partschins nutritionist, Johanna Fischer*, in the Wasserfall inn. Equipped with the right balance of macro and micro nutrients you’ll be fit and ready to tackle the afternoon.  

*Johanna Fischer is a young and motivated nutritional scientist and therapist from Partschins. After studying at the University of Vienna and further training at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, she spent several years in Innsbruck where she gained experience at university and state hospitals and rehabilitation centres throughout Tyrol. She is an expert in the field of prevention and has in-depth knowledge of treating nutritional diseases. As a member of “ProActive Südtirol”, an interdisciplinary team of nutritional and sports scientists, and training and exercise experts, she helps people throughout South Tyrol to enjoy a more healthy and proactive lifestyle. Her credo: A healthy and balanced diet is the key to greater wellbeing.

Afternoon (approx. 2.5 hrs) Practical seminar

As a counterpoint to the exertions of the morning, the afternoon is devoted to targeted relaxation. At Partschins “Kraftwerk Wasserfall” our expert, Martin*, will show you how, using special techniques, you can achieve a better balance between stress and relaxation. An interactive workshop where you will learn to improve your day-to-day strength and quality of life and cultivate a more balanced mind.  

*Martin Kiem studied Occupational and Organisational Psychology at the University of Innsbruck. Many years of experience as a coach and psychologist in Sydney, Australia. Additional international qualifications and certificates in biofeedback, nutrition coaching, nature and forest therapy, positive neuroplasticity training and permaculture design. He has practised and taught meditation and mindfulness for over 10 years. Martin Kiem has been living in South Tyrol since 2017 and heads the international Wellness company, Frontier Wellbeing Europe, which specialises in holistic wellbeing. Founded by Christie Little and Martin Kiem in Australia, Frontier Wellbeing now operates worldwide with companies of all sizes.


Dates: 11.04.-30.06.2019  I  15.09.-03.11.2019
Week day: Thursday
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Location: Partschins Waterfall, Gasthaus Wasserfall inn, Partschins „Kraftwerk Wasserfall“
Cost: € 120,00
Registration & Info: Partschins, Rabland, Töll Tourist Information Office -, Tel +39 0473 967 157