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Südtirol Balance Gold in the air

Parcines/Partschins, is home to the highest waterfall in South Tyrol. A Pinch of Gold for the Nose The Parcines waterfall is a health resort with air as pure as in the Arctic. And there is gold in the air.

A recent study by the Technical University of Munich found that clean, germ-free water flows at the Parcines waterfall and that the quality of the air is excellent. Incidentally, 1 μῦ ("My") gold was also detected in this water. So you can not only breathe healthily, but also enjoy the small treasure that lies in the air!

You need a break every now and again so you can rest and recharge. Südtirol
Balance makes this break a reality. Experts help you slow down and relax at special retreats on your
mini break. On breaks at rejuvenating spots in the natural landscape of South Tyrol, participants will
learn to re-focus on what is essential, to ground themselves and to enjoy the moment with mindfulness.